Culture and Strategic Alignment

Peer Synergy Group provides accurate unbiased assessments of an organization’s culture and facilitates executive review sessions to share results, discuss alignment issues and corrective action measures. We then develop a strategic roadmap for follow-on training in conjunction with various organizational development activities.


Leadership Program

What are you doing to develop leadership within your organization? With Baby Boomers beginning to retire and reports showing that within the next five years corporate America will experience a 15% decrease in men and women of “key leader age,” leadership development is more critical than ever! It is essential for every company to benchmark their leadership and organizational development strategies against the very best – not just within their industry. How does your thinking compare with some of today’s most innovative companies?


Whole Brain Technology

Is your organization ready to increase its bottom-line results, individual & team effectiveness, productivity, communication and thrive on creativity that will keep you light years ahead of your competition? The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI™) is the tool that will help you develop world class Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Personal Growth & Innovation that will guarantee your success.


Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

One tool……endless applications that drive high return on investment every time!

Known applications of the HBDI™ and the whole brain concept: UNDERSTANDING OF SELF
Relationship with Others
Self Development

Building Leadership for Market Winning Solutions

A Different Approach

Peer Synergy Group’s prescriptive approach combines present-day science of how the brain functions and the intelligent use of emotions to empower attitudes of market leaders.

As an example, we have experienced apathetic workers who seem to have left most of themselves at home. The risk of paying employees who are not focused, nor do not think strategically can destroy your bottom-line.

Combined with the shift to a competitive Global Marketplace, “the unstoppable global flow of competitive disruptive services and products,” and the reality of outsourced-offshore strategies compels organizations to build high-level agility, aligning with the demands of the ultimate end game of top market performance




Though our services are divided into basic areas of marketing, finance, production and growth, we treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position.

Quality Over Quantity

Because we have so many brilliant consultants in a wide variety of industries, we’ve been able to pick the very best advice for re-inventing your business into a dynamic, thriving enterprise where people are lining up to get in and share the experience. If you’ve dreamed of making your business extraordinary, our Business Renovation Program will take you there.

We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far, and hire only the very best consultants to help you take your business into the future with success beyond your wildest dreams.

Although you can tell a lot about a business or service by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their customer’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished.

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