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Peer Synergy’s Vision

Peer Synergy Group will be a preferred resource for enhancing executive leadership, culture, and organizational alignment that yields sustainable high performance and competitive advantage.

The Peer Synergy Promise

Peer Synergy Group will provide objectivity, sound counsel, confidentiality, and be purposefully committed to your organization’s success in the 21st Century global marketplace.

We provide legendary services. Our guarantee is your complete satisfaction or we will make it right.

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Roger Blackstock
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Peer Synergy Group, Inc.
Phone: 770-205-0480
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Peer Synergy Group partners with its clients to ignite authenticity in leaders and passionate engagements amongst employees for building quality, innovative cultures and unprecedented reputations.

Peer Synergy Group passionately pursues the challenges of connecting “‘people strategy’ to ‘business strategy,’” with the vision of being the preferred business advisor.  We understand the importance of organizational alignment, values, vision, mission, and the creation of an employee ‘code of honor’ for establishing a dynamic culture that drives economic gain. Peer Synergy utilizes “best practice talent and solutions” for improving performance and driving results.  We engage the client in a systematic “phased approach” employing consultative, prescriptive training, and coaching to help them achieve their desired results.

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About Peer Synergy Group

The Peer Synergy Group is passionate about defining “competitive advantage” in the 21st Century Global Business Model. The re-definition begins with leadership. Peter Drucker states, “Communication is a leader’s number one priority, without which he cannot lead.” Peer Synergy Group takes this a step further. We believe that for a leader to achieve his full potential and communicate effectively, he must first understand himself; i.e., who he thinks he is relative to who he wants to be, and how others view him; his emotional intelligence competencies; and his thinking preferences compared to the thinking preferences of others. This self-discovery process is the transformation bridge to leadership authenticity and becoming an elite performer…the leader through which others see their future. Through this combination of the leader’s transformation and the understanding of his thinking preferences in relation to the whole brain model, the leader becomes more self-confident and better equipped to communicate with his employees, customers, and partners.

The majority of leaders we meet are unaware of the influence of our brain’s thinking preferences, and have never considered the impact that thinking preferences have on the quality of our problem analysis, decision making, and leadership strategies. This is a relatively new discovery that is now becoming more widely accepted in the business world because of the many advantages and applications addressed by HBDI. Our thinking preferences are a critical factor in the attainment of personal and organizational goals. Their power is far reaching and can affect our cognition, behaviors, judgment, our communication and interaction with others. When communication conflicts arise between individuals, the origin of the perceived communication problem is typically traced to differences in thinking preferences or styles, not personalities.


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