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Our Partners provide legendary services. Our PSG guarantee is your complete satisfaction or we will make it right.

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Roger Blackstock
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Peer Synergy Group, Inc.
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Peer Synergy Group partners with its clients to ignite authenticity in leaders and passionate engagements amongst employees for building quality, innovative cultures and unprecedented reputations.

Peer Synergy Group passionately pursues the challenges of connecting “‘people strategy’ to ‘business strategy,’” with the vision of being the preferred business advisor.  We understand the importance of organizational alignment, values, vision, mission, and the creation of an employee ‘code of honor’ for establishing a dynamic culture that drives economic gain. Peer Synergy utilizes “best practice talent and solutions” for improving performance and driving results.  We engage the client in a systematic “phased approach” employing consultative, prescriptive training, and coaching to help them achieve their desired results.

Thinking Preferences

Thinking preferences can encumber the interaction and productivity of a work group and its culture. Conversely, an understanding of thinking preferences and available thinking styles can result in better decision-making, improved communications, enhanced productivity, and the building of a dynamic culture.

Understanding the implications of thinking preference is like an awakening — where the obstacles to your growth are dismantled through the development of thinking skills in a whole brain way. By applying the latest findings in brain research and emotional intelligence, organizations are significantly enhancing performance with a new generation of intelligence capabilities for the 21st Century global economy.


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