Relevant Leadership

Peer Synergy Relevant Leader™ Program

What are you doing to develop the right leadership within your organization to build a dynamic culture? Today’s leaders must develop the wisdom to identify with today's employees who span four different age generations, come from diverse, multi-cultural backgrounds, possess a wide-ranging work ethic and varied thinking style from what most are accustom.  Our founder's upcoming book, The Relevant Leader™, describes those special leaders who have mastered the ability to effectively understand, engage, influence, and lead today's increasingly challenging, diverse workforce. This newfound wisdom is a quality that enables such leaders to exhibit a noticeably, recognizable authentic character, which emanates knowledge, trust, and love of people.  

This self-discovery process is the transformation bridge to leadership authenticity and becoming a Relevant Leader™. Most people are unaware of the influence that emotional intelligence and personal thinking preferences have on all that we do. These affect our temperament, problem analysis, decision-making, leadership style, and our level of influence with others. Studies reveal that the biggest predictor of a person's future success is their emotional quotient (EQ), and those individuals and teams who apply this and understand Whole Brain Thinking™ are 60% to 70% more successful than others.

If you’re seeking to develop your leadership, why not ensure your results with these proven methodologies? Understand who you really are and how you think in relation to others; recognize the emotional energy that drives you; and learn how to better manage these emotions to improve your performance and your influence with others?

This is the foundation for becoming a Relevant Leader™ and experiencing a life changing process! You will receive the tools and knowledge to compete, lead, and contribute, as you have never done before.

Program Includes:

Access to the Herrmann Intl. HBDI™ Interactive eLearning Profile & Training Simulator
Participant's Manual
Post Workshop Coaching

"This program challenges you to think and was a wake up call for me! Every business executive can fulfill his/her lifetime passion of truly understanding self and others. I am now equipped with an evolving framework of models that no CEO or his leadership team can afford to go without. "

- Sean Brophy, Gartner Group