Business Thinking Workshops

The Business of Thinking™ provides increased understanding of the mental demands needed for organizational and individual success.

The Business of Thinking Series is a series of 3-4 hour workshop sessions implemented from the top down, designed to involve everyone in the organization. The Business of Thinking Series is a systematic approach to introducing Whole Brain Thinking into an organization using a series of workshops, resources and on-the-job applications designed to improve the overall quality of thinking

It gives individuals techniques to increase their effectiveness in all areas of business including:

  • Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions
  • Communicating
  • Planning
  • Selling
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Working in Teams

The Business of Thinking improves people's ability to:

  • Think in a more thorough, whole brain way
  • Think proactively, considering many perspectives
  • Think outside the box, outside their traditional mindset
  • Think in new and different ways
  • Understand and value the way others think

The Business of Thinking focuses on:

  • Individuals and their thinking preferences
  • Impact of stress on individual thinking preferences
  • Teams and the impact of their thinking preferences
  • Meeting the demands business places on individuals and teams
  • The application of Whole Brain Thinking to everyday business issues

The Business of Thinking™ Three Phase Approach
Foundation / Application / Review

I. FOUNDATION: Start Thinking

  • Introduces the concept of Whole Brain Thinking and the HBDI™.
  • Focuses on individual thinking preferences and their day-to-day implications.
  • Is a 3-4 hour session (plus breaks)

This module is a prerequisite. It introduces Whole Brain Thinking - the concept on which all the other modules are based.

II. APPLICATION: A Selection of Modules

III. REVIEW: Two Modules Available


  • Is used as and when needed to reinforce the learning and review process
  • Reviews the Whole Brain Model
  • Focuses on the specific needs of participants and how to apply whole brain thinking
  • Can be conducted for groups and individuals

Second Thoughts

  • Is used at the end of the program as a conclusion
  • Reviews entire program and learnings
  • Individuals may redo their HBDI and compare profile with original
  • Reinforces importance of, and need for, whole brain thinking
  • Ongoing individual and team applications

The organization that dominates all four quadrants wins!