PSG Logo Story

Peer Synergy Group - NAIL

The nail entering the water represents the ripple effect of leadership (a leader's actions) that touches every aspect within an organization (the very stimulus to the employees’ thoughts, which affects their emotions and attitudes and ultimately their actions). The three circles symbolize unity created by leadership authenticity - the 3 selves coming together.

In my leadership presentations I use twelve nails to build a leadership model that illustrates vividly the significance of a leader standing tall, and the importance of the leader's vision, which creates the culture that brings people and teams together in alignment to achieve a "free standing organization", or Peer Synergy…the coming together of Leadership, Vision, Culture, and People to create something stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

Additionally, the NAIL is my challenge to CEO's ... it's my acronym for Never Allow Incompetent Leadership.

Roger Blackstock on Leadership- TheMessage